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Lipitor® is the brand name for a Pfizer pharmaceuticals-produced drug called atorvastatin. The drug is intended to control high cholesterol, but since its release in 1996, some female patients taking Lipitor® began to develop type 2 diabetes.

The problems with Lipitor® became so bad that in 2012, the FDA demanded that Lipitor® labels be updated to include warning of these severe side effects. The drug was also “black-boxed”, which means that doctors were required to inform patients of these side effects before the patient took the drug.

While sometimes women taking Lipitor® develop type 2 diabetes due to weight gain, in many cases, it is Lipitor that causes the diabetes. If you think you might have type 2 diabetes related to your use of Lipitor®, and you identify with the below, you may be entitled to compensation for the complications Lipitor® caused. Call the experienced attorneys at McDivitt Law Firm today.

McDivitt Law Firm May Be Able to Help You If…

  • You are a woman under the age of 65
  • Your doctor prescribed you Lipitor® before 2012
  • You had taken Lipitor® for at least six months before you developed type 2 diabetes
  • You developed type 2 diabetes while on Lipitor® or within six months of stopping Lipitor®
  • Your BMI did not change dramatically during the time you were taking Lipitor®

Again, if you are a woman under the age of 65 who was prescribed Lipitor® before 2012, and you developed type 2 diabetes that may be related to taking Lipitor, click here for a free initial consultation form, or call the experienced attorneys at McDivitt Law Firm today at (877) 846-4878. Our team of attorneys will work closely with you and fight for the maximum compensation on your behalf.

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