Safety Tips to Avoid Truck Accidents

Big rigs help to keep our state’s economy strong. The Colorado Motor Vehicle Association reports 33% of Colorado’s federal and state roadway taxes are paid by the trucking industry. Large trucks have an imposing presence on our highways, and because of their weight and size, these commercial vehicles can significantly contribute to…

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Physics 101: Semi-Truck Braking

We see semi-trucks quite often, especially on Colorado highways and interstates. Such vehicles are an important part of our economy, transporting millions of products every day. There is no question that we need to share the road with these vehicles, but large tractor-trucks are troubling when it comes to wrecks….

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Sit Up Straight: 8 Tips on How to Properly Position the Driver’s Seat

Ever glanced at the driver next to you while stopped at the light and can barely seem them because they’ve reclined their seat so far back they’re barely visible? And then you wonder how they can possible see over their dashboard? Can’t possibly be safe, right? Well it’s not, and…

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School Bus Safety 101

The kids are all back to school now, and that means paying attention to school buses and school zones. Yet, you’ve probably heard of the unfortunate accidents involving school buses in recent news reports. So, how safe are school buses?

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Most Common Airbag Related Injuries and Safety Tips

We all know that airbags can save lives; however, they can also, on occasion, cause injuries, especially if the airbag is defective due to its design. Did you know that airbags can deploy at speeds as high as 200 mph? With that kind of speed, airbag injuries can happen, but…

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